Crisis System

Transforming emergency mental health response


Andrews Center, UT Health East Texas EMS, Tyler Police Department, Smith County Sheriff, and Avail Solutions are developing a Multidisciplinary Response Team (MDRT).

911 emergency response:

The MDRT shifts mental health emergency response from only law enforcement to a community multidisciplinary response team that includes a mental health clinician, a paramedic, and a law enforcement officer.

Post emergency follow-up:

Follow-up and linkages to care for comorbid health conditions while a mental health clinician manages mental health connections.

Outreach and prevention:

Proactively reach out to people who chronically use emergency services to help them access services for preventable conditions as well as the risk of law enforcement and criminal justice involvement.


Peter Boyd
Southside Bank

Neal Franklin
Smith County Commissioner

Dawn Franks
Your Philanthropy

Robert Graham

Bradley Green
UT Tyler

Luanne Harms
Alzheimer’s Alliance

Cassandra Harrison
UT Health EMS

Donna Henry
Smith County

Jennifer Hubner
Glen Oaks Hospital

Jimmy Jackson
Smith County Sheriff’s Office

Mack Long
Andrews Center

Jim McKee
Crisis Response Ministry

Douglas McSwane
Jr. Community

Keisha Morris

Kristin Omo
Champions for Children

Brittany Parmentier
UT Tyler school of pharmacology

Chelsee Peterson
Cenikor Youth Recovery Community Center

Sherona Ray

Dalila Reynoso
Texas Jail Project

Danny Sammons
Avail Solutions


Gregg Sherrill
UHC Community Plan Texas

Waymon Stewart
Andrews Center

Kathy Wakefield
Andrews Center

Thomas Wilson
Smith County DA’s Office

Kathryn Woods

Billy Yates
Tyler Police Department


Jim McKee

Jim McKee

Crisis Response Ministry