Smith County Behavioral Health Leadership Team

Who We Are

The Smith County Behavioral Health Leadership Team is a collaboration of service providers, educators, medical professionals, social service representatives, consumers and community advocates dedicated to improving access to care.


Our mission is to provide guidance and linkages among stakeholders to build broad access to timely and appropriate behavioral health care services to better attend to the needs of those with mental illness in Smith County.


Our vision is to improve the quality of life in Smith County for individuals and families who are affected by mental illness.

The Behavioral Health Leadership Team has members spread across a wide range of fields, including:

  • Education - K-12
  • Education - Higher
  • Government- local, state, national
  • Community Leadership
  • Mental Health Providers – Outpatient
  • Mental Health Providers – Inpatient

  • Consumer
  • Social Service/Civic Agencies
  • Hospitals
  • Faith Based Organizations
  • Law Enforcement
  • Local Mental Health Authorities

  • Medicaid Managed Care Organizations
  • Physicians
  • Substance Use Providers
  • Veterans Organizations
  • Emergency Medical Services

The Behavioral Health Leadership Team thanks our Members: